Professional Service Coordinator Comprehensive Examination


The PSC exam is a web-based exam that assesses the knowledge gained due to completing the Professional Service Coordinator Program. The exam consists of 80 questions derived from the twelve core modules. A minimum score of 80% is required to be successful. Candidates may take up to two hours to complete the exam unless special accommodations are arranged in advance. 

The exam must be proctored by either an in-person testing site or using Proctorio, an online proctor tool. Additional proctoring fees will apply and are not included in the AASC member bundle purchase. Please visit the Exam page for detailed information about both of these options.

Before taking the Comprehensive Exam, candidates interested in earning the PSC designation from the American Association of Service Coordinators must meet all program requirements. Candidates must be a current AASC member in good standing. All modules must be completed within two years of registration. The comprehensive exam must be taken within one year of completing the last required module. There is a required 30-day wait period between completing the final module and sitting for the exam.

Candidates must provide proof of prior completion of either SC101: Fundamentals of Service Coordination (now retired) or the new Service Coordinator Foundations (SCF) modules. Please contact AASC for more information about this requirement.

Once all requirements have been completed, candidates should indicate their readiness to take the exam by completing the Exam Registration form. The PSC committee will contact you after verifying all documentation and confirming that the modules were completed by the stated deadlines.