Requirements for Designation as Professional Service Coordinator

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Prior to taking the Comprehensive Exam, candidates interested in earning the PSC designation from the American Association of Service Coordinators must:

  1. Complete the 12 core PSC Modules within two years of the registration date in the PSC Program.
  2. Complete the Exam Registration form at least five business days prior to the exam. More information on registering and scheduling an online exam can be found on the Exam Guidelines page. If all requirements have been successfully met, exams may also be taken at the AASC conference, held each August.  The exam is offered only during pre-registration on Sunday.
  3. Sit for the Comprehensive Exam within one year after completing the last required module. There is a 30 day wait period between completing the last module and sitting for the examination. Prior to taking the Exam, candidates must:
    • Pay the Comprehensive Exam Fee if not already paid (confirm payment on Your Account page under Order History).  Participants who purchased the bundled package should skip this step since the exam fee is included in the bundled price of $450.00.
    • Be a current AASC member in good standing. Join AASC!
    • Provide proof of SC101: Fundamentals of Service Coordination completion through AASC, version 2016 or later (SC101 must be completed at least 30 days prior to sitting for the examination).
    • Provide proof of a minimum of two years of experience as a Service Coordinator; or two years equivalent work in social services or a related health care field on behalf of older adults and/or families; or two years property management experience with responsibility for assisting residents with service acquisition; or in any field with supervisory and/or customer service experience. Candidates must submit a resume and documentation of qualifying experience.
      • Exam Candidates who hold an Associate's, Bachelor's, or other advanced degree in social services or a related health care field may count that degree as 2 years of employment experience and may sit for the Comprehensive Exam after providing proof of their degree (transcript, copy of diploma, or letter from institution).

Please follow the links below to learn more about the Comprehensive Exam and register to take the paper/pencil Exam at a conference/symposium or the online exam at a proctored testing center near you.